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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

5. One Day I Might Blog About Something Interesting.

Can't think. Head's numb. Inspiration won't come...blah blah bleugh..
Today is one of those days that's drained me before it's even really began. I can hear my bed whispering sweet nothings..
"come back to me Mel, you're weak and tired and I'm warm and comforting...Mmmmm...warm. Mmmmm....sleeeeeeeeeeeep. Let me hide you from the world and take you back through the portal to your own imagination...Come rest your bones dear..". Oh bugger off.
It's tempting, I admit. I feel like I've been mauled by that gang of ruddy wildebeest during the night, again (I don't know how they get in here, but I shall be taking precautions tonight to ensure that they don't turn up looking for a night of fun and frolics at my expense ever again, yes I will: have gaffer tape - will seal). Oh well, at least they didn't trash the flat in their stampede. I guess you have to be grateful for small mercies. Amen to that.

As for the rest of the day, well, where to start? The excitement of it all has rendered me mute...

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